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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Sustainability and Impact are never an afterthought at​ They are what strong foundations are built on. Research shows that investing in your company's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging reap high dividends. We do not limit ourselves to how it has always been done. Let us work with your difference to build your I&B Foundations. 

Meet the Team


Dr. Fadia Nordtveit

Founder and Consultant

Founder of, which is a consulting company that provides services based on a model of DEIB that she has created after years of research and prototyping in an academic and industry setting. 

Kupiec Headshot.JPEG

Kaitlyn Kupiec

Project Associate

Kaitlyn Kupiec is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Communications and Sports Journalism (COSJ) at Springfield College. She is passionate about multimedia and sports writing and wants to make an impact as a woman in COSJ.


Diem Nguyen

Project Associate

Diem Nguyen is pursuing her undergraduate education at Smith College. Her focus is social entrepreneurship, accessible marketing, and art. Her love for community and creative thinking fuels her work. 


Kael Donley

Former Project Associate

Kael is pursuing his undergraduate education in Communication and Sports Journalism at Springfield College.

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