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Equity and diversity originated with government initiatives. Thus, many companies have been pivoting on compliance-based measures driven by this historical context of government regulation. (Diversity Journal)

Analyzing the most recent Census Bureau data from 2018, women of all races earned, on average, just 82 cents for every $1 earned by men of all races. (American Progress)

Women in STEM jobs are much more likely than men in such jobs to say they have experienced discrimination at work because of their gender and to consider discrimination a major reason that more women are not working in STEM. (PewResearch)


Gender based pay discrimination happens more often to women of color. (American Progress)


Experiences with workplace discrimination and concerns about gender inequities are more pronounced among women working in computer positions; those in workplaces where men outnumber women; and among women with advanced degrees, more of whom presumably work in higher level positions. (PewResearch)


The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is nearly double (6.1%) to the national unemployment rate (3.2%). (Forbes)

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