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Inclusive Business Model Canvas

The Inclusive Business Model Canvas (IBMC) is a comprehensive assessment tool developed by Dr. Fadia Nordtveit that works with organizations to re-prioritise and re-calibrate their structures to meet diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) goals. The Inclusive Business Model Canvas (IBMC) is a tool that helps businesses and organizations build a foundational structure based on the principles of DEIB. The main strategy of the IBMC is to work with your difference to create shared standards of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your workplace.


The goal of this work is to help companies overcome the fear and chaos around difference and aid in creating structures to help them invest in and build on their differences. IBMC framework uses difference rather than sameness to be the foundations of success, innovations and sustainable growth in a company. The tool is developed by utilizing cutting-edge research that creates strategies and actions plans to invest in and/or build DEIB goals from various stakeholders within companies.


IBMC is a tool, methodology and framework that can be used to evaluate and re-build whole organizations, processes or outputs. It can be used in the following ways:


  1. Research- Collect Data on DEIB

  2. Assessment-Evaluation using DEIB frames and measures

  3. Strategic Planning, Implementation and Re-building using DEIB frames and measures

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The central assessment process of the IBMC is connected to the concepts of Core Mission, Business Foundation Anti-Pillars and Business Foundation Pillars. The IBMC is very well suited to evaluating whole organizations, specific departments or campaigns and processes. It is designed to create a systemic and structural road map (long, medium and short term) for organizations. Each of the categories of the canvas provides a mixed method evaluation (qualitative and quantitative) of organizations, departments or processes. 

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The IBMC has been developed from the traditional Business Model Canvas (BMC), a tool that is useful in creating, evaluating and rebuilding organizational structures, OUS, their clear identity and narrative, which leads to their outputs, in this case, their campaigns. However, the main limitation of the traditional BMC is that it does not incorporate DEIB as its core pillars. The IBMC was created with the mission of foundationally incorporating DEIB in its design, process and structure.

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